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SEE BEYOND Media Press Kit

The MEDIA (PRESS) KIT is the “trailer” of your book, which positions you as an expert in a certain field.

It will ATTRACT, ENGAGE and but also CREATE a platform for your brand, building credibility and trust.

The MEDIA (PRESS) KIT is your work in the Cliffnotes version; it is the message you will share with the world. It can help you:

  1. Look like a professional
  2. Pitch your book as a professional
  3. Relate to media in a professional way
  4. Create a “business card” for your work that represents your message to the world.

WHO will need it: journalists, bloggers, book store owners and anyone else who might want to feature your book within their sphere of influence.

WHY: It is the “business card” of your work

HOW: Format of Media (Press) Kit: Electronic and print version

No matter if you are a first time author or you have many writings under your belt, the MEDIA (PRESS) KIT is what will make you stand out in the crowd.

We, at See Beyond, now only have 25 years of writing experience, high academic achievements and a proven track record of success, but our work speaks for itself. On our team we have national best-sellers, awarded artists, and college professors who can create a PROFESSIONAL MEDIA (PRESS) KIT for you.

Your PROFESSIONAL MEDIA (PRESS) KIT contains the following items:

  • One page PITCH
  • A professional SEO – optimized author bio
  • An author Q & A (can be used for any media pitch)
  • Professional SEO – optimized book description
  • Press kit

BONUS: Your book will be given a half a page coverage in See Beyond Magazine.

There are lot of companies that offer services to build your media kit for you, and a regular price is $1,200.

We tried to save you some time and money by building a world-class editable media kit, for only $449.

Order your PROFESSIONAL PRESS KIT now for only $449!

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